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Aces in their places

You wouldn’t put your best talent where their strengths are not appreciated. Trust your social media management to the professionals; the same way you schedule your best talent in the kitchen, in housekeeping and in sales.

Show individuality

Every hotel is as unique as the people who work inside, the guests who visit and the community they reside. Showcase your personality through perfectly displayed text and visuals available to you via your social media accounts.

Be a community hub

Travelers and locals turn to you daily to know what’s going on. Show them what you know proactively and capture them in a way where you can continue to strengthen your position as the “go-to” resource in your community.

viral potential

When your online community engages with our content, their friends are exposed to your presence virally. Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of the potential virility that social media offers your individual property.


Trust your social media to the best
We are the leader in SOCIAL MEDIA + HOSPITALITY

The Social Inn is powered by McGirr Enterprises, a Professional Services Company who has specialized in Managed Social Media Services since 2010.

Our firm offers the complete spectrum of services related to social medial management in the world of hospitality.

Our core client base is made up from every sector of the hospitality industry; from hotels to food services, professional services and even conference venues.

Our experienced team of professional community managers provide thoughtfully planned social-web solutions for our clients and their community.

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